How I Got Streamed Worldwide on Beats 1 Radio From The Shower

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August 15, 2017

Devi at WTC

This one was really fun!

The other day I was about to get into the shower when also decided to stream Beats 1 Radio. I stumbled upon Beats 1 Request show that was live at the moment.

People were requesting songs and I thought I’d send one request too.

I texted to and got automatic reply right away:

“Send us a voice note with this request! Just make sure you say your name, where you’re from, the song you want to hear and why we should play it! (Fun reasons why get picked first!)”

Ok. Right in the bathroom, I hit the voice record and sent:

“Hey, this is Devi from New York. I’m about to go in the shower and I want to request ‘Forgot About Dre’ by Dr. Dre and Eminem. I just think It would be fun to listen to it while in the shower.”

I got thank you reply and that was it. I waited for the magic, but it never happened. The show ended with other’s requests, so I thought I missed my chance.

Today, I was hanging out at the One World Trade Center and working on my new track.

Ping! The message comes in from

”Hey! Your voice note is playing on today’s Request Roulette. Good Luck! #Beats1Request”

Boy, it was exciting!

I jumped into iTunes and started listening to the show again which just has started, while nervously Googling for the ways to record the stream. I was not fast enough, so I failed on that. (Btw, Don’t try at home, it might be illegal. Just saying.. Hi team.. 👋😇)

There were four competing voice requests for different songs from different parts of the world, and 5th one I hear:

“Hey, this is Devi from New York. I’m about to go in the shower and.. “ (you know the rest)

The moment my voice note finished, DJ opens Siri and asks:

“Hey Siri, pick one out of five”

Siri goes:


And then DJ says:

“Here you go! Forgot About Dre on Beats 1 for Devi”


Being streamed from your bathroom to the world (Beats one operates in 115 countries, with DJ’s in LA, NY, London and Paris) was totally new experience.😄

Plus, yes, hearing your request is always fun!

P.S. (Next Evening):


Red Habitat – My first GarageBand project

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June 14, 2017

Growing up with music being part of my family, I have a special relationship with it. My grandmother was a teacher in a music school. My father is a passionate composer and my mom plays a few instruments too. I remember two years of my early childhood, unsuccessfully trying to learn piano. Also my first fear of the stage, making tons of errors while performing in school’s annual concert.

My relationship with music is nothing different from yours. I call it special because season by season. First, I forget its existence (literally listening to nothing), then I fall in love with it and sometimes I crave to create it (usually ending up creating nothing).

More than a decade ago, watching my father composing, mastering, and working in the studio, helped me acquire some understanding and very basic skills in music. Though, last time I applied it was probably around 2008, when being a –wannabe- DJ in junior year of high school was a cool thing. Except for few short films and video editing after, when I had to trim and match a background music.

8 Fun Ways To Discover New Music

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January 26, 2016
8 fun ways to discover new music

I love discovering new music, so I usually do it for fun. Sure, I find it difficult to come across fresh and evergreen tunes which will end up in my playlist but, once in a while, out of the blue, I find some good beats to listen to. Meanwhile, I have developed few ways to hunt down some new tracks, so you can take some time to read them and learn about refreshing your playlist this year.



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