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Growing up with music being part of my family, I have a special relationship with it. My grandmother was a teacher in a music school. My father is a passionate composer and my mom plays a few instruments too. I remember two years of my early childhood, unsuccessfully trying to learn piano. Also my first fear of the stage, making tons of errors while performing in school’s annual concert.

My relationship with music is nothing different from yours. I call it special because season by season. First, I forget its existence (literally listening to nothing), then I fall in love with it and sometimes I crave to create it (usually ending up creating nothing).

More than a decade ago, watching my father composing, mastering, and working in the studio, helped me acquire some understanding and very basic skills in music. Though, last time I applied it was probably around 2008, when being a –wannabe- DJ in junior year of high school was a cool thing. Except for few short films and video editing after, when I had to trim and match a background music.

First Project In GarageBand

While playing with GarageBand app on my phone a few days ago. I re-discovered a long-forgotten hobby for me. I ended up creating a melody, exporting it on a laptop and staying up late two nights to put together the idea I wanted to convey


GarageBand iOS Screenshot

Project on my iPhone

Expanding on laptop

If you ever had a melody in your head and wanted to write it down and create something out of it, do it. Joy guaranteed! You can start with GarageBand. It’s quite simple, honestly.

I shared my final track for feedback with all Pro friends I have in my contact list. Probably they thought I went crazy or something, but fortunately they’ve been nice enough on the feedback. At least I’m glad it sounded like a GarageBand and not a GarbageBag for them.

So far, they said that instruments could be more natural and need more dynamic balance. There were some noticeable rhythm errors. Their advice was to upgrade to more professional software tools for better mastering capabilities (for example Logic X or Pro Tools).

I’d love to get some more feedback from readers too!

The theme is colonization of Mars. I know, it just came out of the red. It’s inspired by SpaceX 🚀 Mars Project and the mood of the Sci-Fi movie Oblivion (probably my the only favorite Tom Cruise movie).

At the end of the day, no matter if you are hobbyist or professional, you’d agree that creating music is really fun and very entertaining experience.

Check out my first GarageBand track and let me know what do you think!

P.s. Hope Elon Musk will love this 😉





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