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Tech world got shocked when Snapchat spurned the $3Biliion acquisition offer from Facebook. According to this Forbes story, Mark Zuckerberg started negotiations in 2012. He revealed some of his plans about releasing a competing app, called Poke. He also warned Snapchat that it would change Snapchat’s success story. “It was basically like, ‘We’re going to crush you.’” remembers Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat.




Since then Facebook has released few other unsuccessful competing apps like Slingshot and Instagram Bolt. Facebook was never close to “crushing”, until today. This time, Instagram (acquired by Facebook in 2012) wisely ‘copied’ Snapchat in it’s Instagram Stories update and it seems like a successful move. While this news will not “crush” Snapchat, it will definitely have an impact on it.



New Instagram Stories is a clone of the Snapchat’s signature app model and Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom has openly admitted that.

It’s obvious that Facebook is trying to dominate everything that is going to bring people’s attention to it. It is in the business of attention anyways. I don’t know how much the market cares about the morality of this action. But, I see that the market cares about how engaging the product is and what value it can bring. Facebook has hit the right spot.

Is Instagram Stories better than Snapchat?

So far, I’ve seen positive opinions about Instagram Stories. It’s been like pleasant shock for Instagram users, and as I see they jumped in the new ‘platform’ right away. It’s only a matter of time and few updates how Snapchat and Instagram will split their shares.

For me, there is no winner yet. Though, I have to admit some things are better on Instagram Stories than on Snapchat. For example, navigation inside the app is much better on Instagram. I have my stories, messages, and normal Instagram feed on one screen. It’s quite rewarding experience.




It also makes sense to have photo highlights on your page and publish the rest as your Instagram Story. I also enjoyed seeing real people behind my favorite Instagram accounts.

But I like chatting with Snapchat more than the Instagram messenger. I also like Snapchat’s Discover stories and hand-picked accounts that I watch. I’m sure Instagram is going to improve the algorithm of organizing stories too. I don’t want to watch every single story of a few hundred people I follow on Instagram. I just want my favorites there, similar to Snapchat.

Many things are same: like multiple 10-second stories disappearing in 24 hours. You can draw, add text and emojis and apply few color filters as in Snapchat. You also can save your story, see who’s viewed it and even swipe up to reply on others stories. Basically, it’s a twin brother of Snapchat.

But you will find some differences too.

What’s different / better in Instagram Stories?

1. Intuitive user interface and an all-in-one Instagram package.

2. Better navigation in the app and between the stories. The default screen is not your camera. You can go back to the previous slide in Instagram. You can also pause the play by holding down on the story.

3. Instagram has a better selection of brushes (standard, highlighter, and neon).

4. Easier color picker.

5. Screenshot any content, no one will know.

What’s different / better on Snapchat?

1. You can chat and send snaps to individual contacts, and it disappears.

2. You get notified when someone screenshots your story.

3. You can save the whole story in your phone as one video.

4. Lens filters, location filters, speed filters, stickers and 3d stickers.

5. You can upload old content using Memories feature.


Things will change anyway. Both Instagram (representing Facebook) and Snapchat will upgrade their weapons and continue the “war” that has started long before. Instagram Stories is Facebook’s latest answer to Snapchat’s ‘No’ on its acquisition offer. Now let’s see what little ghost will do to those Ghostbusters.





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