I believe the success is all about work ethic, winner’s mindset and non-stop action towards your goals while bringing value to your community.

I love ideas, but I admire making them real. You will find me involved in many activities, but mostly busy with the internet works and entrepreneurship. My principal focus lies in helping individuals, communities and small businesses unleash their potential using my marketing, design and technology skills, as well as my constant-will to motivate and inspire.

Born in Eastern Europe, in Tbilisi – Georgia, I started my aspiration towards my goals from a very young age. Starting with founding a useful Technology blog and community website, I continued with leading and contributing to various teams in the Country of Georgia to win many local & international student competitions in web, digital media and research projects. Co-founding Georgia’s one of the first tech social enterprise – FX with my partners, and serving the country’s one of the biggest non-profit youth organizations as a president was truly memorable moments.

Partnering and working with more than 30 companies and organizations gave me great experience and highly demanded skill-set that I perfect every single day; And I’m willing to invest myself in so much more.

New York City is my new home, where I plan to bring my work and aspiration to larger scale. Observing the trends and rising opportunities for various industries motivates me to build valuable and successful products and businesses.

Often I also enjoy discovering music and movies, surfing the web, participating in good causes, producing digital content, designing and branding, promoting healthy and active lifestyle, reading usually non-fiction books and experiencing real-life adventures.

Now that I’ve talked a lot about me, it’s time to hear more about you!

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